Prof. Pietro MORTINI

A better way to access surgical locations without unduly damaging surrounding tissue. A less invasive means to perform critical procedures, so that collateral trauma can be minimized and postoperative recovery accelerated.

San Raffaele University Hospital Department of Neurosurgery is committed to making neurosurgical brain, spinal and surgical procedures safer and more effective. Innovative medical instruments are designed to optimize neurosurgical site access, reduce patient risk, accelerate recovery, and add tangible value to the professional medical community.

To bring to the clinical use devices which promote safer procedures that revolutionize surgery across multiple disciplines. We plan on achieving this by working directly with world leaders in their respective spaces who are willing to pioneer change for better patient safety and post-operative outcomes. In short those instruments have been designed to give the medical community safer surgical devices: in the brain and the spine.

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A revolutionary approach in brain retraction. Each minimal invasive brain surgery system consists of an introducer and a stable working channel port that allows the surgeon a seamless entry to the targeted site while distributing brain tissue evenly in a 360° dispersion pattern. Other minimal invasive brain surgery system benefits include superior binocular vision to see in and around the surgical site; multiple sizes in different widths and lengths to meet all surgical needs and compatibility with most surgical arms to avoid accidental displacement or movement during surgery.

The goal of safely accessing the surgical site and creating a clear and stable working channel to perform delicate procedures is what minimal invasive brain surgery system is all about. There is no pulling on the surgical site numerous times to see the selected area and no clutter of instrumentation during the procedure. The ample working channel allows for multiple instruments to be used simultaneously while providing an excellent depth of view of the site as well as the brain wall. The working channel comes in four widths – 12mm, 17mm, 21mm and 28mm and three lengths 3, 5 and 7cm to meet your exact requirements.