Prof. Pietro MORTINI

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At the Pituitary Center at the San Raffaele Hospital, our professional, experienced health care team is dedicated to managing your pituitary tumor with advanced medical techniques along with compassion and understanding.

Diagnosing and treating pituitary tumors requires the expertise of specialists, doctors who specialize in different fields of medicine. Our pituitary team includes:

• Endocrinologists
• Neurosurgeons and skull base surgeons
• Diagnostic neuroradiologists
• Interventional neuroradiologists
• Neuropathologists
• Neurophtalmology

Our physicians practice evidence-based medicine, which means all of their decisions regarding your treatment are based on research and the latest international recommendations.
Along with the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques, including minimally invasive neurosurgery, our specialists are always on the forefront of the newest advances in treating pituitary tumors.
We strongly believe in a collaborative approach. All members of your medical team collaborate regarding your care, and our specialists meet regularly to discuss each patient.

In fact, evidence suggests that dedicated pituitary programs, such as the Pituitary Tumor Program at San Raffaele University Hospital, offer better care of pituitary tumors, including:
• Earlier and more accurate diagnosis
• Safer and more effective surgical treatment
• The benefits of a multidisciplinary team of physicians and health care professionals who are experts in pituitary disease

The most sophisticated microscopic and bidemensional (2D) and tridimensional (3D) endoscopic techniques to remove pituitary tumors safely and effectively both with endonasal and transcarnial surgery. We offer advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques, including:

Advanced imaging techniques, including 3T (Tesla) & magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners
radiation therapies using the Gamma Knife Radiosurgery, Thomotherapy and other up to date radiotherapy equipment which delivers highly focused radiation to the tumor while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected.

Every year more than 250 cases of pituitary lesion (more than half of all pituitary cases diagnosed every year in Italy) are treated at the San Raffaele Hospital Department of Neurosurgery.


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