Prof. Pietro MORTINI

  1. 13th Clinical Updates in Endocrinology e Metabolism“,  Milan, July 2024
  2. Lecture – Incontri Clinico-Radiologici di Neuroscienze “Michela Bonamini”, XIV Edizione, Ponza – Italy, June 2024
  3. Lecture “La Neurostimolazione spinale nel Mieloleso” – 63° Congresso Nazionale SNO, Bologna, June 2024
  4. Lecture “Effect of Epidural Electrical Stimulation on Recovery in Spinal Cord Injury Patients” 45° Congresso Nazionale SICV GIS, Rome – Italy , May 2024
  5. Lecture Cavernous sinus – Fronto-orbito-zygomatic approach: How I do it” – Skull Base Masterclass Cavernous Sinus, Postero-Lateral Skull Base and Pineal Region Approaches, Cremona – Italy, May 2024
  6. Chair “Ponto-Cerebellar Angle – Surgery and Pathology” Session, Oncological Neurosurgery, Livorno – Italy, October 2023
  7. Lecture “Surgical management of Cushing Disease – 12th Clinical Updates in Endocrinology and Methabolism, Torino – Italy, July 2023
  8. Lecture “Metastasis, Cerebellar pontine angle and Sellar Region – Therapeutic Approach”, Incontri Clinico-Radiologici di Neuroscienze “MICHELA BONAMINI”, Ponza – Italy, June 2023
  9. Lecture The fronto-temporo-orbito-zygomatic approach: step-by-step surgical technique” , “Transcranial Approahes to the Anterior Cranial Fossa, Sellar and Parasellar Region, Cremona – Italy, May 2023
  10. “16th Asian Australian Congress of Neurological Surgeons”, Jerusalem – Israel, September 2022
    • Lecture “High Risk Sellar and Suprasellar Meningiomas
    • Workshop Pituitary Session “Role of radiation in skull base Meningioma
  11. Chair  “Acromegaly – Treatment” Session, CUEM 2022 – 11th Clinical Update in Endocrinologia e Metabolismo, July 2022
  12. “Incontri clinico-radiologici di Neuroscienze”, Ponza, May 2022
  13. Chair “Acromegaly Treatment” Session, CUEM 2021 – 10th Clinical Update in Endocrinologia e Metabolismo, July 2022
  14. Lecture “Pituitary Surgery”, e – ECE 2021 23rd European Congress of Endocrinology, May 2021
  15. Debate “Surgery vs. Medical Therapy for Prolactinomas”, 17th International Pituitary Congress, March 202
  16. Chair “Neuro-Oncology: multidisciplinary management of adult brain tumour“, ESO Meeting, December 2020
    • Chair  and discussion Session “Overview on brain tumors
    • Chair Session “Brain metastases
    • Chair Group Workshop “Clinical cases presentation by the participants
    • Chair Session “Treatment of Gliomas in special situations
    • Lecture “Treatment options for “inoperable” and recurrent gliomas: Is there a role for surgery?
    • Chair Session “Extra-axial primary brain tumours
  17. Lecture “Neuro-surgery: State of the Art” Chair, Neuro-Oncology: multidisciplinary management of adult brain tumour“. ESE Clinical Update on Acromegaly, October 2020
  18. Member of the Workshop Steering Committee “Pituitary Society Cushing’s Disease Workshop: Update on Diagnosis, Complication Management and Treatment” – Webinar, October 2020
  19. Chair Session “Pituitary“, 9th Clinical Updates in Endocrinology and Chair Overview on brain tumors session. Milan (Italy), July 2020
    • Chair of Group Workshops – Clinical cases presentations by the participants
      Round Table “Rehabilitation. What’s going on”
    • Lecture “Treatment options for “inoperable” and recurrent gliomas: Is there a role for surgery ? “
    • Chair “Extra-Axial Primary Brain Tumors”
    • Lecture “Neuro-surgery: State of the Art”
  20. Lecture “Sellar and suprasellar pathology – Transcranial surgery”, 4th Italian Hypothalamic-pituitary Meeting, Rome (Italy) January 2020
  21. Lecturer in the 13th Acromegaly Consensus Conference: Global Acromegaly Management, Fort Lauderdale (USA) November 2019
  22. Lecture “Non-traumatic spinal cord lesions: the neurosurgeon approach“, Clinical-radiological Meetings In Neuroscience, Ponza (Italy) June 2019
  23. Lecture “Skull Base Surgery“, Suez Canal Neurosurgical Advanced Course, Ismailia (Egypt) May 2019
  24. Lecture “Craniopharingioma: Surgical and Radiosurgical Approaches“, 16th International Pituitary Congress, New Orleans (USA) March 2019
  25. Lecture “Surgical approaches to gliomas“, 2nd Advanced Course in Diagnostic Neuroradiology – Glioma Imaging, Milan (Italy) January 2019
  26. Panelist Pituitary Society Satellite Meeting – ICE 2018, Cape Town (South Africa) November 2018  
  27. Lecture “Facial Nerve in Neurosurgery” – Facial paralysis, Milan (Italy) November 2018
  28. Chair session “Meningiomas“, Highlights in Neuro-oncology, Turin (Italy) September 2018
  29. Chair session “Acoustic Neuroma“, Advanced Concepts and New Technologies applied in Neurosurgery, Novara (Italy) September 2018
  30. Chair”ESO Masterclass in Neuro-oncology“, Multidisciplinary Management of Adult Brain Tumours
    • Chair Overview on brain tumors session
    • Chair of Group Workshops – Clinical cases presentations by the participants
    • Round Table Rehabilitation. What’s going on
    • Lecture “Treatment options for “inoperable” and recurrent gliomas: Is there a role for surgery ? “
    • Chair “Extra-Axial Primary Brain Tumors
    • Lecture Neuro-surgery: State of the Art
  31. Lecturer and Chair”6th clinical update in endocrinology and metabolism“, Milan (Italy) July 2018
  32. Lecture “Sellar pathology – Neurosurgical approach“, Ponza (Italy) June 2018
  33. Chair “Trigeminal Neuralgia” in the “Italian Gamma Knife Study, Group Meeting”, Milan (Italy) May 2018
  34. Round Table in the meeting “Diagnosis and treatment of meningiomas: state of the art“, Venice (Italy) May 2018
  35. Chair session “Sporadic small vestibular schwannoma“, B & B Bran and Body Radiosurgery 2018-2019 – Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta, Milan (Italy) February 2018
  36. Chair “Chordomas: have we improved the care in the past decades?“, 28th NASBS Annual Meeting, Coronado (USA) February 2018
  37. Lecture “Surgical approaches to gliomas“, Advanced Courses in Diagnostic Neuroradiology (Level III) Glioma Imaging, Milan (Italy) November 2017
  38. Lecture “Determinants of surgical success“, Pituitary Masterclass, Lisbon (Portugal) November 2017
  39. Chair “Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Neurosurgeons: When and How to Combine Methods for Improved Functional Preservation“, EANS2017 Controversies and Solutions in Neurosurgery, Venice (Italy) October 2017
  40. Lecture“Treatment of central skull base tumours, EANS2017 Controversies and Solutions in Neurosurgery“, Venice (Italy) October 2017
  41. Lecture”Updates in Acromegaly treatment“, 6th Clinical Update in Endocrinology and Metabolism, Milan (Italy) July 2017
  42. Lecture “Unbroken aneurysms: the neurosurgeon approach“, Clinical-radiological Meetings In Neuroscience, Ponza (Italy) June 2017
  43. Lecture “Dural arteriovenous fistulas: the surgical approach“, Ponza (Italy) June 2017
  44. Chair “Breakout session“, 11th Acromegaly Consensus Conference – Medical Therapeutic Outcomes in Acromegaly”, Nice (France) April 2017
  45. Chair Workshop “Pharmacologic agents: impact on tumor volume and surgical outcomes“, Nice (France) April 2017
  46. Chair Head Trauma session “20th Neuroscience meeting“, Cervinia (Italy) March 2017
  47. Lecture “Criteria Proposal Neurosurgical Perspective“, 15th International Pituitary Congress, Orlando (USA) March 2017
  48. Chair Session “The Skull Base“, Skull Base Tumors, Pavia (Italy) February 2017
  49. Round Table”Craniopharyngiomas in adult and child“, XIV National Congress Italian Skull-base Society, Milan (Italy) November 2016
  50. Lecture “Diabetes Insipidus and Post-Surgical SIAD“, Congress 5th Clinical Update in Endocrinology & Metabolism”, Brescia (Italy) July 2016
  51. Lecture”Aggressive tumors in acromegaly – The neurosurgical approach“, Congress “Pituitary 2016: New Horizon”, Ferrara (Italy) June 2016
  52. Round Table “Pituitary Surgery – Is there still a place for microscopic procedures” , 12th Congress of the European Skull Base Society, Berlin (Germany) May 2016
  53. Lecture“Tumor Control rate in a large series of 543 patients treated by Gamma Knife – radiosurgery for a pituitary adenoma“, Amsterdam (Netherlands) May 2016
  54. Lecture “Surgery and radiosurgery of recurrent pituitary adenomas
    Keynote Lecture “Surgery of craniopharingiomas” Congress “Modern Aspects of Pituitary Surgery, Kiev (Ukraine) April 2016
  55. Lecture “Skull base tumors – surgical approach” – Congress “19th Meeting in Clinical Neuroscience” , Cervinia (Italy) April 2016
  56. Lecture “Cerebellopontine angle (CPA) meningiomas” – Congress “Posterior fossa Meningiomas”, Sorrento (Italy) March 2016
  57. Chair session “Imaging in neuromuscolar diseases and in the peripheral nerve” – Congress IMAGING in neuro-muscle diseases and peripheral nerve: state of the art, Milan (Italy) January 2016
  58. Lecture Craniopharyngioma: surgical approach in adult, the transcranial approach” – Congress “Tumors in the pineal region”, Milan (Italy) November 2015
  59. Lecture Acute brain/stem syndro: trauma”  – Congress “Neurological emergencies: from diagnosis to treatment” -Milan (Italy) November 2015
  60. Organizer Meeting Stereotactic Radiosurgerypart of the International University Master in Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Milan (Italy) September 2015
  61. Chair Session “Neuroendocrinology of Bone” – 7th Skeletal Endocrinology Meeting, 2nd Translational ESE Bone Course, Pavia (Italy) September 2015
  62. 15th Interim Meeting of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, Rome (Italy) September 2015 – Chair Main Session n°7 – Chair Session “Tissue Substitutes and Regenerative Medicine” –
    • Lecture “Neuroradiological characteristics in magnetic resonance imaging as predictor of clinical and functional outcome in craniopharyngiomas
    • Chair Session “Brain Tumors – general
    • Lecture “The combined interhemispheric sub-commissural translamina-terminalis approach to tumors in and around the third ventricle: neurological and functional outcome
  63. Lecture “Cerebral tumors: surgical approach” – Meeting Cerebral Tumors, Pavia (Italy) June 2015
  64. Lecture “Metastasis, sella region and ponto-cerebellar angle: the surgical approach” – Incontri clinico-radiologici di neuroscienze “Michela Bonamini”, Ponza (Italy) June 2015
  65. Lecture “Surgical complications” – Meeting “Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus in adult patient”, Milan (Italy) May 2015
  66. Chair, breakout session Workshop “Tumor volume and clinical outcomes” “10th Acromegaly Consensus Conference: Treatment and Acromegaly”, Madrid (Spain) April 2015
    Lecture “Neurosurgery” in Workshop II Biochemical Results
    Lecture “Neurosurgery” in Workshop IV Side effects of treatment
  67. Lecture “Cerebral tumors – surgical approach” – Neuroexpo: diagnosis, terapies and role of food in neurological pathologies“, Breuil/Cervinia (Italy) April 2015
  68. Organizer Meeting Stereotactic Radiosurgerypart of the International University Master in Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Milan (Italy) April 2015
  69. Lecture “The sella region – Microscopic approaches“- 8th Milano Masterclass Expo Edition, Milan (Italy) March 2015
  70. President, Workshop “Pituitary adenomas: diagnosis and therapy“, Milan (Italy) March 2015
  71. Lecture “Role of microsurgery resection in craniopharyngioma”  – Meeting ” Intracranial and spinal tumours surgery: complications“, Taormina (Italy) February 2015
  72. European Gamma Knife Society Meeting 2014, San Pietroburgo (Russia) November 2014
  73. Lecture “Non-secreting pituitary adenomas” XIII National Congress SIB (Italian Society of Skull Base), Rozzano (Italy) November 2014
  74. Chairman “Clinical Round in Neuroscience meeting”, Lodi (Italy) November 2014
  75. Lecture “Paediatric posterior fossa tumours: the imaging genomics approach” – XII Congress paediatric neuroradiology, Milan (Italy) October 2014
  76. Lecture “Tuberculum Sellae Meningiomas “International Meningiomas Today”, Napoli (Italy) September 2014
  77. Lecture “Craniopharyngeomas – Surgical techniques” – 6th International Cerebrovascular and Skull Base symposium, Marsiglia (France) September 2014
  78. Lecture “Petrous bone and facial trauma: treatment of neurosurgical complications” – Michele Boamini Clinical/radiologicalb– Meetings in Neuroscience V Edition, Ponza (Italy) June 2014
  79. Chair session “The neuro-oncology: an occasion for a multidisciplinary approach in neuroscience” – 54th National Congress Society Of Neurologists, Neurosurgeons and Neuroradiologists, Genova (Italy) May 2014
  80. Round table “54th National Congress of the Hospital Neurological Sciences Society”, Genova (Italy) May 2014
  81. Lecture “My most difficult case” – Sino Nasal & Skull Base Dissection Course – Extended Endoscopic Transnasal Surgical Approaches to the Skull Base – Endomilano 2014 pre-congress hands-on dissection course. Panel chairman round table on Cavum Meckel, Milan (Italy) April 2014
  82. Round table and panel discussion “6th World Congress for Endoscopic Surgery of the Brain, Skull Base & Spine and Second Global Update on FESS, the SINUSES and the NOSE”, Milan (Italy) April 2014
  83. Lecture “TNS techniques in pituitary disorders” – University of Brescia, Brescia (Italy) March 2014
  84. Lecture “Traumatic Mielopaties: clinical aspects” – Congress “Updates in Clinical Neurology”, Mantova (Italy) March 2014
  85. Lecture “Non-secreting adenomas” – Italian Meetings Pituitary Hypothalamus, Milan (Italy) February 2014
  86. Chairman Congress Stereotactic Radiosurgery: 20 years of activity”, Milan (Italy) January 2014
    Lecture “Radiosurgery for acoustic neuromas
  87. Lecture “Fronto-temporo-orbito-zygomatic approach in surgery of Tuberculum Sellae Meningiomas” and Lecture “Surgical treatment of craniopharyngeomas
    Meeting “Modern aspect of the pituitary tumours treatment”, Kiew (Ukraine) December 2013
  88. Chair International Course “State of the art in surgery of midline tumours”, Milan (Italy) November 2013
    Lecture “Brainstem and midline cavernomas
    Lecture “Third ventricle and surrounding areas lesions
    Lecture “Tumours of the fourth ventricle and of the bulbo-cervical junction
  89. Lecture “Clivus and skull base surgery” – Clinical-radiological meeting in neuroscience IV edition, Ponza (Italy) June 2013
  90. Lecture “Brain Mapping in Surgery” – Imaging of Neuromuscular and peripheral nerve disease: state of the art, Milan (Italy) October 2013
  91. Lecture “The state of the art of Neurosurgery for Brain Tumours
    Lecture “Craniopharyngeoma: Surgical expertise and the real goals of treatment
    Round table “Hyphofyseal Tumours. How to do it?”
    Lecture “Radiosurgery: Neurosurgical perspectives” 1st International Symposium of Neuro-Oncology, Brazil  August 2013
  92. Lecture “Craniopharyngeoma: How I do it” – The 2nd Annual Dandy Meeting. Walter E. Dandy Neurosurgical Society, Milan (Italy) June 2013
  93. Lecture “Management of facial nerve in neurosurgery” – International course on treatment of nervous lesions of oral cave, Milan (Italy) May 2013
  94. Lecture “Surgical approaches in jugular foramen pathology: Suboccipitum-transcondilar” – XII National Congress SIB, Novara (Italy) November 2012
  95. Lecture “Surgical problem in pituitary tumours recurrences” – Congress “Difficult pituitary tumours”, Osimo (Italy) 2012
  96. President of the Congress “The minimally invasive surgery in spine: state of the art and future prospective”, Coccaglio (Italy) June 2012
  97. Lecture “Transcranial approaches for midline skull base meningiomas” – Congress “Comprehensive Skull Base Surgery” (Endoscopic & microsurgical approaches), Napoli (Italy) May 2012
  98. Lecture “Pituitary tumours” – Congress “Innovative technologies in cerebral and spinal surgery: state of the art and future prospective”, Castel Gandolfo (Italy) March 2012
  99. Round table1st National Congress in functional neuroradiologyMilan (Italy) February 2011
  100. Lecture “Microsurgery and radiosurgery for intracranial tumours” – Lombardia Region Clinical Updates, Cremona (Italy) 2011
  101. Lecture “Traditional surgery or stereotactic radiosurgery in brain tumours?” – Congress “Tumours of the central nervous system in paediatric patients: from diagnosis to therapy”, Milan (Italy) November 2010
  102. Lecture “Up-to-date prospective in serious trauma spine lesion” – Congress “Neurological emergency: from diagnosis to therapy”, Milan (Italy) November 2010.
  103. Lecture “Approaches to posterior cranial fossa” – Skull base Worskshop, Napoli (Italy) December 2009
  104. Lecture “Neoplastic spinal lesion” – Congress “Neuro-oncology today”, Lodi (Italy) October 2009
  105. Lecture “Acromegaly: surgical approach”- Congress “Neoplastic endocrinological disease”, Mantova (Italy) 2009
  106. Chairman Round table – 58th National Congress Italian Society of Neurosurgery, Lecce (Italy) October 2009
  107. Lecture “Surgical treatment of pituitary adenomas” – XIV World Congress of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, Boston (USA) August 2009
  108. Lecture “Microscopic surgery: an up-to-date technique?” – Course “Outcomes of acromegalitic patient: new perspectives”.
    XILIX National Congress SNO – Hospital Neurological Sciences, Palermo (Italy) May 2009
  109. Lecture “Spinal trauma clinical features” – Congress “UpDates in Clinical Neurology SIN-SNO”, Rozzano (Italy) April 2009
  110. Chair “7th Consensus Conference on “Acromegaly Criteria for Cure: Cortina Revised After 10 years”, Parigi (France) April 2009
  111. Chair “Masters Seminar on Sellar and parasellar lesions: Things you didn’t know you could do just few years ago” – “5th International Milano Masterclass – Sinonasal & Skull Base Endoscopic Surgery”, Milan (Italy) March 2009
  112. Lecture “Pituitary tumours” – XIV Workshop in Endocrinology and Metabolism of development age, Milan (Italy) March 2009
  113. Lecture “Surgical therapy”– Acromegalies: updates in diagnosis and therapies, Burago/Milan (Italy) February 2009
  114. Chair 57th SINCH (Italian Neurosurgery Society) National Congress: Joint Meeting with the Japan Neurosurgical Society, Udine (Italy) November 2008
  115. Chair “Advanced MR Brain Imaging”, Milan (Italy) November 2008
  116. Chair “International Consensus Conference on Acromegaly, Miami (USA) November 2007
  117. Chair Round table “Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics” – A.I.N. (Brescia Intensive Care Neuroscience), Brescia (Italy) May 2007
  118. Chair “Neuro-oncology Session” – VI Annual Meeting SIN-SNO ”Updates in Clinical Neurology”,  Brescia (Italy) March 2007
  119. Chair Round table “Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics” – A.I.N. (Brescia Intensive Care Neuroscience), Brescia (Italy) 2007
  120. Chair Round table “Neuroncology Session” – The Annual Meeting SIN-SNO Updates in Clinical Neurology, Brescia (Italy) 2007
  121. Lecture “Surgical approach to compressive ophthalmic neuropathology” – Congress of the Italian Society of Ophthalmology, Milan (Italy) December 2006
  122. Panelist “Hot topics in head and neck cancer“, Brescia (Italy) December 2006
  123. Chair Round table “Evolution of the strategies in the treatment of skull base tumours”. – IX National Congress Italian Skull Base Society, Legnano (Italy) November 2006
  124. Lecture “Role of radiotherapy in skull-base tumours” – IX National Congress of Italian Skull Base Society, Legnano (Italy) November 2006
  125. Lecture “Neurosurgical aspects in treatment of brain tumors” – Course “Brain tumors therapeutic multidisciplinary approach”, Brescia (Italy) May 2006
  126. Chair Round table: “Epilepsy in brain tumors” – Meeting on brain tumor epilepsy. Brescia, 2006 – Panelist “Hot topics in head and neck cancer”, Brescia (Italy) 2006
  127. Lecture “Surgical Approaches to the orbit” – Meeting on orbit surgery, Monza (Italy) January 2005
  128. Lecture “Clivus Chordomas” -Meeting on tumors of the skull base and rynopharynx”, Brescia (Italy) May 2004
  129. Lecture “Surgical problems in the treatment of middle fossa meningiomas” – Joint meeting of the Italian Society for neurosurgery and the Societad de Cirurgia Neurologica del Cono Sur, Napoli (Italy) December 2003
  130. Lecture: “Surgical anatomy of the cranio-spinal junction” – XVII winter neurosurgery week, Madonna di Campiglio (Italy) March 2003
  131. President and organizer – 7th National Congress of the Italian Society for skull base surgery, Milan (Italy), November 2002
    Lecture “Fronto-orbito zigomatic approach in tumors in parasellar region”.
  132. Lecture “Dissection and stabilization of bone operculum” – Satellite Workshop 51st Congress of the Neurosurgery Italian Society. 2002
  133. Program advisor – 5th European Skull Base Society Congress, Copenhagen (Denmark) 2001
  134. Chair “Course of dissection surgical anatomy of skull base”, Milan (Italy) May 2001
  135. Chair “Second intensive hands-on dissection course on skull base surgery: surgical approaches to the sellar tumours”, Milan (Italy) May 2001
  136. Lecture “The fronto-orbito-zygomatic approach to the parasellar and sellar area” – 16th Winter meeting of the Italian Society of Neurosurgery, Madonna di Campiglio (Italy) March 2001
  137. Lecture “Anatomy and Surgery of the jugular foramen” – 15th Winter meeting of the Italian Society of Neurosurgery, Madonna di Campiglio (Italy) March 2001
  138. Lecture “Pituitary adenomas: surgical indications and results” – National symposium of the Italian Society for Endocrinology, Livorno (Italy) February 2001
  139. Lecture “Sellar invasive tumors” – National Congress of the Italian Society for Skull Base Surgery, Livorno (Italy) September 2000
  140. Chair Session “Other Pathologies” – Third International Conference on Acoustic Neurinomas and other CPA Tumors, Rome (Italy) 1999
  141. Faculty member “Third International Conference on Acoustic Neurinomas and other CPA Tumors“,  Rome (Italy) 1999
  142. Lecture “The cranial nerve in the cavernous sinus: course and vascularization”.- 2nd National Congress of the Italian Society for Skull Base Surgery, Milan (Italy) 1994
  143. Lecture ”Topographic anatomy of the sellar and parasellar region”– Congress of the Italian Society for Neuroophtalmology, Milan (Italy) 1993